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Rome bus commuter without Italy's Super Green Pass fined €400

Italy's new Super Green Pass rules in force on public transport from 10 January.

The first fine in Rome for travelling on public transport without a Super Green Pass was handed to a commuter on Monday morning, the day Italy's new covid restrictions came into force.

The Super Green Pass, a digital certificate which can only be obtained by those who are vaccinated or have recovered from covid-19, is required as of 10 January to travel on all public transport in Italy, from buses and trains to subways and domestic flights.

The passenger, a 39-year-old man, was caught by local traffic police without the Super Green Pass on the 714 bus at Rome's central Termini train station, according to local media.

The man was given a fine of €400, however the penalty is reduced to €280 if paid within two days, reports Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Commuters on public transport in Italy are also obliged to wear the more protective FFP2 face masks, with police stepping up checks at key points across the capital.

In addition to public transport, the Super Green Pass is now required for dining in restaurants - both indoors and outdoors - as well as in hotels, ski lifts, museums and swimming pools, along with a wide range of other activities, from wedding receptions to theme parks.

Italian premier Mario Draghi is to face questions from journalists on Monday evening over the government's controversial new vaccine mandate for the over-50s.

For official information about the covid-19 situation in Italy (in English) see the health ministry website. Photo credit: Il Mattino.
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