Rome budget councillor probed over travel expenses

Investigation into Lemmetti's transport expenses between Rome and Livorno.

Gianni Lemmetti, the city councillor in charge of Rome's budget, is under investigation by the audit court in relation to personal transport expenses, according to a report by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Lemmetti, of the populist Movimento 5 Stelle, is reportedly being investigated for expenses claimed, on top of his salary, relating to the cost of driving to his family in the Tuscan city of Livorno at weekends.

The amount under scrutiny is €19,618 - according to Corriere della Sera - dating from January 2018 (Lemmetti has been in office in Rome since August 2017) until June 2019.

The expenses for "car or transport" charged to the city are: €11,000 in 2018 (including €1,106.99 in January; €2,158.90 in February; €1,932.94 in April) and then €8,500 until June this year (of which €3,009.73 was claimed in February and €1,939.36 in March).

Investigators are reportedly attempting to ascertain whether the councillor is entitled to claim such expenses for personal travel.

Posting on his Facebook page in relation to the reimbursements, Lemmetti said the expenses claimed were "all regular, all done according to the law, all accounted for."