Rome mayor appoints fourth budget councillor in a year

Opposition claim surprise move proves Raggi's "negative record" in office.

Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi has appointed Gianni Lemmetti as new budget councillor for the capital, the fourth person in a year to hold the position.

Raggi apparently made the appointment without notifying Andrea Mazzillo, who occupied the role until the mayor's surprise appointment was made on 23 August.

Mazzillo told Italian news agency ANSA that he was unaware he was being replaced and knew nothing of Lemmetti's appointment until Raggi posted the news on her Facebook page.

Lemmetti, who takes control of Rome's budget and accounts, moves to the capital from the Livorno city administration, run by Raggi's anti-establishment Movimento 5 Stelle.

Raggi's latest reshuffle has prompted a storm of criticism from centre-left Partito Democratico politicians who claim it proves a continuation of her "negative record" in office.