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One of the best restaurants in Sabina: Ristorante degli Angeli

Good service combined with good food is the Marciani family vocation, passed down through four generations since 1899. Today, the Ristorante degli Angeli has made a name for itself, mentioned in every guide worth its weight, and appreciated by both Italian and international crowds alike. One of the best things about living in Rome is that this gem is less than an hour away! 

Meet the Marcianis: Marco, Laura, Mauro 

“Our take on local restaurants has a youthful eye - says Laura Marciani,” chef of the Ristorante degli Angeli. “We respect the customer and ingredients. This is what our father Mario taught us, who first had the vision, in the Sixties, of what to do with the antique restaurant La Sosta opened by his great-grandparents. " 

Mario Marciani, former breeder, butcher, farmer, and restaurateur, personally oversaw the initial expansion of the shop and restaurant, injecting a classic architectural style with modern design updates.

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For several years his children, Mauro, Laura, and Marco, together with their mother Antoinette, have looked after the restaurant and adjacent market with love and innovation.

The siblings make a complete team: Laura is the acclaimed and award-winning chef of the appetizers, main courses and desserts. Mauro takes care of the shopping and supplies, and is an expert on wines and olive oils, as well as being a successful wedding planner. Marco, painter, director, author and actor, demonstrates his passion and skill at welcoming guests and decorating, with colors of the region dominating the dining room. 

The Atmosphere

A cozy room, full of light, with numerous terraces that overlook the large garden. It is surrounded by beauty, from the small Renaissance tower of the church in the background, to the endless rolling hills. With such a unique ambiance and views, Ristorante degli Angeli offers something for everyone; whether you’re looking to make reservations for a romantic dinner, or a delicious lunch with friends, or even a wedding ceremony, you can be sure to feel at home.

The kitchen

The dishes respect the cuisine of the territory, with influences from Viterbo, Terni, and Rome thrown in.

A brigade of people scurry in and out of the kitchen. The staff of Ristorante degli Angeli deserve their own mention for their attentive and experienced service, from the welcoming glass of prosecco poured upon your arrival you can expect to be taken care of no matter how busy the room gets. In the kitchen we find Daniele, the Sous- Chef and Marilena, wife of Mauro, chef of the first courses, while aunt Lilia is the specialist of more traditional desserts, such as the zuppa inglese and ricotta cake, and finally Giuliano, the competent sommelier. 

"Music keeps me company, I create my dishes with the emotions that music transmits to me - says Laura Marciani - “ The notes turn into colors, scents, flavors, seasonings ... recipes! The process leads to tasty, balanced, light dishes that do not require long cooking. Every day we prepare bread with our handmade dough, and the menu follows the seasonality of the ingredients, because freshness comes first. "

Eat and drink at the Ristorante degli Angeli

The menu evolves according to what’s in season.

Among the dishes on offer are a few traditional specialties such as fettuccine with figs, tagliolini with guanciale, soups with ancient legumes, cuts of meat and grilled sausages, guinea fowl, white and black Norcia truffles - all entrusted to the inexhaustible creativity of Laura Marciani.

The Ristorante degli Angeli also offers special menus for vegans and vegetarians. 

The cellar and the oil library 

The wine and oil list deserve highlighting. Mauro Marciani, when speaking about it, has words of admiration for his father who, many years before, established solid relationships with manufacturers, which continue today. For example, the quality of the organic olive oil presented with the bread basket at the beginning of the meal makes you want to lick the plate clean.

They have 200 labels of oils, everyone can taste them in the dining room and choose for themselves.

There is a careful selection of Italian oils, but also Greek, Moroccan, and Tunisian ones, countries that have an excellent standard of cultivation, but only in recent years have addressed improving the plants. Interesting olive oils also come from Australia and New Zealand ... the goal for Ristorante degli Angeli is to make surprising combinations, even with ice cream.

The cellar has wines from the well- known Italian regions, but also have many French wines and champagnes. They follow vineyards in the surrounding areas, Umbria and Lower Lazio, and of course Tuscan, Piedmontese, and Sicilian companies. 

The depth of the selection is important because it indicates that the cellar was built up over time, year after year. Knowing and having individual vintages is fundamental to understanding and advising customers. For example, they have a Barolo from 2013 and can go backwards with bottles until 1960. 

Costs? These wines do not have exorbitant figures, because they have always had the consistency of purchase, identifying the cellars to keep an eye on, starting from Mauro’s great-grandfather and father. In addition, there are many wines with a lower cost that are worth tasting. Which has the added advantage of leaving the customer feeling like they’ve gotten a great deal when it comes time for the check. 

Pairing suggestions 

Some dishes can be difficult to combine, such as artichokes, fried foods and a grilled steak. In these cases what do they advise?

Mauro Marciani makes suggestions only at the request of the diners, conversing, without insisting, because the primary objective is to be together and share a meal.

The basic rule is to know the wine, to find flavors and aromas that go together - here are some hints:

Artichokes - pinot noir and Nebbiolo red wine (

Fried foods or “fritti”- bubbles, robust rosés, beers.

Tagliolini with bacon - white, rosé, a champagne or a Grechetto chardonnay from the Orvieto area, but always remember that the vintage is important; depending on the vintage, the same wine goes well with different dishes.

Duck breast with raisins, honey and crunchy pine nuts - pure merlot Montiano Falesco di Castiglione in Teverina.

Dessert “Paradiso degli Angeli” with yogurt and strawberry sauce - Muffato from Sala di Castello della Sala, Aleatico Falesco, Sauternes, or a Sicilian marsala.

Of course, whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. When they place the bill on the freshly- pressed white cotton tablecloth after a round of coffee and homemade cookies, don’t be afraid to peek. You will be pleasantly surprised by the honest prices! 

Directions from Rome:

Take the A1 Motorway heading North. Exit at Magliano Sabina and then turn right and follow the signs. From the centre of Rome it will take you aproximately 1h by car. 

Ristorante degli Angeli

Vocabolo Madonna degli Angeli, 1

02046 Magliano Sabina RI

tel. +39 0744.91377 +39 0744.91892


General Info

Address Vocabolo Madonna degli Angeli, 1, 02046 Madonna degli Angeli RI, Italy

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One of the best restaurants in Sabina: Ristorante degli Angeli

Vocabolo Madonna degli Angeli, 1, 02046 Madonna degli Angeli RI, Italy

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