Preventative measures have been introduced at Italian airports and ports to try and stop the entry of bird flu into the country. Passengers arriving at Romes international airport from Russia and China are being medically examined and anyone with a high temperature, respiratory problems or the symptoms of influenza is being admitted to the Spallanzani (a Roman hospital specialising in the treatment of infectious diseases) until the symptoms pass. People in contact with an ill passenger are also being kept under special surveillance. The luggage of passengers from Russia and China is being carefully inspected for food products that could be carrying the virus.

Cargo imports from Russia and China are also being watched. Although officially no poultry products are imported into Italy from China, the customs police have admitted that in the past few months they have confiscated and destroyed 60 tons of chickens and associated products and 20 tons of ducks, all of which have been imported illegally into Genoa from China. Although these products were not carrying avian flu they were found to be infected with salmonella bacteria.