No more singing on Rome buses

Rome seeks to clampdown on behaviour considered inappropriate.

Rome city council has approved a raft of measures regulating decorum in the capital as it prepares to update existing legislation available to the Polizia Urbana di Roma Capitale, or municipal police.

The city council has approved an updated version of the regulations, which date to 1946, with new rules added to the list prepared in November, for approval by the assembly of city councillors in February.

The proposals seek to curtail behaviour considered inappropriate in the city, and measures range from prohibiting illegal street trading and providing stiffer rules governing noise pollution and illicit jumps in the city's historic fountains.

The regulations also include a ban on "nuisance drunks" on public transport as well as prohibiting singing or busking on the city's buses, metro and trams.

One regulation, which could be of particular importance for tourists to note, seeks to ban eating and drinking outdoors around Rome's historic monuments - as well as banning sitting or lying down in the vicinity of archaeological sites.

The city will reportedly also attempt to zero in on people taking exotic animals for a walk in town, lovers who attach "love locks" to city bridges, dog owners who fail to pick up after their dogs, and even the long-held Roman custom of hanging laundry out to dry from windows.

Local media reports there will also be a crackdown on public nudity, or semi-nudity, washing cars at public fountains, dropping cigarette butts on the ground, affixing unauthorised stickers to city property, raising a toast outdoors "in piazza", or playing in a children's playground if you are no longer a child.

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