Rome bans centurions, pub crawls, street drinking

Rome introduces permanent measures as city grapples with negative impact of mass tourism.

Rome police have been given more power and resources to tackle behaviour considered inappropriate on the streets of the capital, from eating and drinking outdoors to swimming in fountains.
Announcing the arrival of an additional 500 vigili urbani police officers, the city's mayor Virginia Raggi said the "historic" new laws would make Rome "more beautiful, safe and welcoming".
Rome police now have the power to issue 'daspos' - a ban on individuals from returning to the area in which they caused an offence - from 48 hours to 60 days.
The measures include a permanent ban on pub crawls and the public consumption of alcohol in glass containers from 22.00 to 07.00 every night, as well as prohibiting costumed "centurions" from charging tourists for souvenir photos. 
The measures include a crackdown on eating and drinking outdoors in areas of historical importance, such as the Spanish Steps, while laws against swimming in the city's fountains have been made permanent. 

Photo ANSA / Angelo Carconi.