Anyone requiring a visa to enter the UK will have to have fingerprint scans and a digital photograph taken from 26 July. In Rome, it will be necessary to lodge visa applications at the WorldBridge Visa Application Centre (VAC) at Via Antonio Pacinotti 63, where scans and photographs will also be taken at no extra cost to the usual visa fee. Access to the VAC is by appointment only and you can book through the website,

It will no longer be possible to apply for visas by post, through agencies or via the British embassy itself. Once applications are completed, these will be forwarded from the VAC to the British embassy in Rome for consideration in the normal way.

People going for fingerprint scans and digital photos are asked to ensure their fingers are free from decoration or markings such as henna and that they have no facial cuts or bruises.

The collection of biometric data on people visiting the UK is designed to combat fraud and abuse of immigration and asylum systems, according to the foreign office.

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