Rome city council has approved a decision to reduce the amount payable on outstanding traffic fines received before 31 December 2004. Under the new regulations, people who have not paid these fines will now only have to pay the original amount, the original notification charges and reduced collection fees. People have until 15 May 2010 to pay. Letters will be sent out from 2 November with all the relevant details and information to those people affected by the new ruling.

Prior to the decision, unpaid fines were subject to a penalty charge which doubled after the first six months and then increased every six months thereafter. These charges are no longer applicable.

The city has explained the decision by the fact that people were receiving notification two or three years late regarding penalty charges on unpaid fines. This meant that they were unaware of the increase in the original penalty and found themselves faced with a debt of hundreds or even thousands of euros that they were unable to pay. The council feels that citizens should not be penalised for its own inefficiency.

Having eliminated those fines from its accounts which cannot be paid due to clerical errors, duplications or deceased parties, the city council says there remains