The multinational food company Nestl was smarting today over the confiscation and withdrawal of 30 million litres of its baby-milk products from the supermarket shelves in Italy. The products in question Mio, Mio Cereali, Nidina 1 and Nidina 2 are believed to have been contaminated with ITX, an ink bonder used on the Tetra Pak packaging of its products. Routine laboratory tests revealed that ITX leaks from the containers and is drawn to dairy products containing fat when exposed to the suns ultraviolet rays. The EU has declared that there is no immediate food-safety threat although Nestl has widened the withdrawal to three other countries (France, Spain and Portugal), which has cost the Swiss giant $1.6 million. Tetra Pak has already changed the ink used in its containers since first becoming aware of the risk in October.