A memorial stone inscribed with the names of some 600 victims of the Mafia since the end of the second world war will be placed at the entrance of Villa Osio in Viale di Porta Ardeatina, Romes mayor Walter Veltroni has announced. The confiscated former home of Mafia boss Enrico Nicoletti, Villa Osio is to be transformed into the "Casa del Jazz", with a 150-seat auditorium where young Romans can go to hear and make music. Work on the villa is due to begin on 5 November and is expected to take a year to complete, but there are plans to hold concerts at the venue as early as next summer. Veltronis announcement coincided with the anniversary of the death of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, head of the anti-Mafia task force, who was killed in a Mafia attack in 1982.