The hill town of Zagarolo in the province of Rome is to be the home of the first Jewish university in Italy. The Palazzo Rospigliosi, built in the town in the 16th century, will become the Italian headquarters of Touro College. Starting from the coming academic year, 150 students will begin studies for degrees in economics, education, psychology, administration and Hebrew studies. In a signing ceremony for the foundation of the college, which took place at the Italian Academy at Columbia University in New York, Enrico Gasbarra, president of the province, explained that the Jewish college has agreed to offer one free place for a student from the province for every Touro student at Zagarolo. In addition it will offer eight places per year to Rome students in one of the other Touro foundations elsewhere in the world.

Touro College, founded in 1970, is present in North America, Germany, Russia and Israel, with 21,000 students enrolled worldwide. Gasbarra expressed satisfaction at the founding of the new college, which he hopes will be a commitment not only to young people but also to peace.