Romes busy Sunday antiques and collectors' markets are once again in full swing. The Porta Portese market held on Via Portuense and adjacent streets is the most famous, but there are many others worth a visit. The Ponte Milvio market (which spreads into Piazzale Consalvi) sells antique furniture, ornaments and handicrafts, and at the Grand Hotel Beverly Hills at Largo B. Marcello 220 in Parioli, bargain-hungry fashion followers can binge on vintage chic, second-hand clothing and accessories by some of Italys leading designers. Elsewhere in Parioli, an antiques market with numerous collectors' pieces is held in Villa Glori on Viale M. Pilsudski. "Rigattieri per Hobby" on Via Flaminia 60 near Piazza del Popolo hosts 150 private stall-holders, and shoppers with a conscience should head for the afternoon market held 16.00-20.00 by the Comunit di S. Egidio at Via del Porto Fluviale 2 in Testaccio, which sells second-hand books and clothes. Lastly "Piazza Mazzini si veste dantico" is a market that started in Pratis Piazza Mazzini last year and already has a loyal following among collectors, who come to find antiques, handicrafts, old records, coins and stamps. It opens the afternoon of the second Thursday of every month and lasts until Sunday evening.