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Italy's Carabinieri get a new uniform complete with neck warmer

The Carabinieri, one of Italy's national police forces, have updated their uniforms.  

In Rome, the new uniforms are already being worn by the 200- hundred year- old Gendarmerie-like military corps with police duties. By spring they will be used throughout Italy. 

After a trial period of research and evaluation, the new winter version of the uniform will be adopted by the military both in the city and in smaller regions.  The new uniform materialized  from the need to adapt traditional aesthetics to the comfort of new technical materials, useful for the most operational purposes of Italy's Carabinieri. 

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The wool- blend fabric, with white shirt and tie, flat shoes and leather holster, has been replaced by a windbreaker in technical fabric, both waterproof and elastic.  Underneath the jacket, the police will have a mock- neck top and a neck warmer.

The traditional pants have also been replaced by a technical garment, although very similar to the previous version.  Made of mixed fiber, the new pants will be be waterproof, puncture-proof, and paired with non-slip "city boots". 

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The old leather holster will also be retired, replaced by an external belt with a quick release holster, made of plastic material.  The old gloves will be replaced with modern, cut-resistant gloves.  However, style has not been sacrificed for function, begging the question, are the Carabinieri of Rome the most stylish police force in the world?

Ph: Photos BrianScantlebury / Shutterstock.com

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