Italy: When the Beauty of Rome beats Reality TV

Alberto Angela's Ulisse beats Temptation Island in Italy's television ratings.

Rome seen from above, as portrayed by Alberto Angela's television programme Ulisse: il piacere della scoperta - Sotto il cielo di Roma, attracted 3.1 million viewers in Italy when it aired on RAI 1 last night.

Angela's stunning ode to Rome, the most-watched early evening programme in Italy on 16 September, beat the reality show Temptation Island 8, on Canale 5, which attracted 2.9 million viewers, reports Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Ulisse gave viewers a bird's-eye-view of the Eternal City, soaring over the Roman Forum, Spanish Steps and Castel S. Angelo, with 'Ulisse' becoming a Twitter trending topic in Italy.

Angela will be back next Wednesday with a programme dedicated to Raphael, divine artist, recounting the professional and private life of the Renaissance genius who died in Rome 500 years ago.

For more details see RAI website.