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British residents in Italy can exchange UK driving licences from 30 March

Update for UK licence holders in Italy.

British citizens and UK licence holders living in Italy can exchange their licence for an Italian one, without the need to take a new driving test, from Thursday 30 March 2023.

The news, confirmed by the British embassy in Rome on Monday, follows the landmark agreement on the exchange of driving licences reached between Italy and the UK last December.

From 30 March, UK licence holders residing in Italy can make an appointment to begin the process of exchanging their driving licences at their local motorizzazione office.

The documents required for the exchange are listed on the Italian transport ministry website under the section titled Richiesta conversione patente non comunitaria.

"You don’t have to do your licence exchange in the area where you live" - the British embassy points out - "If there are no appointments in your area, you should look in another region where there may be more availability."

Motorists will be able to keep their UK driving licence until the new licence requested for exchange has been issued.

Valid UK driving licences held by those who were resident in Italy on 31 December 2022 will be recognised until 31 December 2023 - the embassy states - while those who became resident in Italy after 31 December 2022 can use their valid UK licence for one year from the date they became a resident.

Further details on the licence exchange process, including a Q&A section, are listed along with other useful information in the British embassy's Living in Italy guide.

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