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Italy passenger with no covid Green Pass holds up high-speed train

Italy's new Green Pass rules for trains are designed to protect public health and avoid a repeat of situations similar to what occurred on 1 September.  

A passenger who delayed a high-speed train in Italy for 20 minutes over not having a covid Green Pass now risks a one-year jail term for interrupting a public service.

The incident took place on an Italo train serving the Reggio Calabria-Milan route on 1 September, the day that the Green Pass became mandatory on inter-regional and high-speed trains, reports Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

During the journey the ticket inspector discovered that a passenger did not have a valid Green Pass and when the train stopped in Rome the capital's railway police were waiting for her.

The woman launched into a lengthy argument during which she showed police a photograph of the results of a rapid antigen test that she allegedly did at home the day before using a kit bought at the pharmacy.

The police explained that this "home-made" document, without any proof of the time or identity of the person tested, was not acceptable.

The officers invited the passenger to get off the train immediately, informing her that she would be fined.

However the woman refused to budge, holding the train up for 20 minutes, before eventually being convinced to get off.

Subsequently the woman's lawyers filed "a substantial appeal" to the TAR administrative courts - reports the Corriere - contesting both the fine and the law which she judged as illegitimate "from a constitutional point of view", in violation of European regulations and treaties.

The judges of the administrative court have since ruled that the fine must be contested before an ordinary court and stressed that "constitutional compatibility" cannot be brought before the TAR "as a precautionary measure", reports Corriere della Sera.

The story comes to light as Italy introduces new measures affecting trains and taxis, requiring ticket inspectors "where possible" to check that passengers have the Green Pass before they get on board long-distance and inter-regional trains.

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