Italy's bishops slam No Vax and No Green Pass protests

Italian bishops condemn 'selfish' and 'irresponsible' protests.

The Italian Bishops Conference (CEI) took aim at the No Vax and No Green Pass movements, describing the protests as being in some cases "very far from the Gospel."

The strongly-worded message came from the CEI on Wednesday ahead of next year's Giornata della Vita (Day of Life), during which the issues of abortion, euthanasia and poverty were also addressed by the Catholic bishops.

In contrast to the "so many people who have dedicated themselves to the good of others", the CEI said, "there have been displays of selfishness, indifference and irresponsibility often characterised by a misunderstood affirmation of freedom and a distorted concept of rights."

The bishops didn't stop there. "Very often they were understandably scared and confused people, also victims of the pandemic after all; in other cases, however, such behaviour and talk expressed a vision of the human person and social relationships very far from the Gospel and the spirit of the Constitution."

The bishops offered their "gratitude and encouragement" to medics and volunteers, some of whom "have paid a very high price for their generous dedication", describing them as "the best part of the Church and the country."

The CEI also raised its concerns about the effects of the covid-19 pandemic on families as well as the youngest and oldest in society, many of whom have become victims of poverty, psychological damage and loneliness.

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