Italy orders covid-19 tests on travellers from Croatia, Greece, Malta, Spain

Italy adds Colombia to its travel ban list.

Travellers arriving into Italy from Croatia, Greece, Malta and Spain must be tested for covid-19 as concern grows over new infections amid a recent surge of coronavirus cases in the countries in question, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

Italy has also added Colombia to a list of countries under a complete travel ban, including transit passengers, announced Italian health minister Roberto Speranza late on 12 August.

Health authorities in Italy are concerned about the return of Italian holidaymakers from destinations where social distancing and mask-wearing appear to have been widely ignored, according to Reuters.

"We must continue on a path of caution to defend the results we have obtained over the past months through sacrifices by everyone," Speranza said on Twitter.

On 12 August Italy recorded 481 new coronavirus cases over the previous 24 hours, up from 412 the day before.

Italy recently extended its covid-19 health precautions - including wearing masks in enclosed public spaces and maintaining interpersonal space of at least a metre - until at least 7 September.

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