Italy: Covid-19 tests for travellers arriving in Rome by bus from high-risk countries

Lazio Region to conduct coronavirus tests on passengers arriving in Rome by bus from abroad.

People arriving into Rome by bus from countries where there is a high risk of covid-19 will soon be subjected to testing on arrival in the Italian capital.

Lazio Region president Nicola Zingaretti has promised legislation "soon" to ensure coronavirus tests on travellers arriving by coach into Rome's Tiburtina station from countries with a higher risk of covid-19.

Announcing the impending order, Zingaretti said the "priority is to defend Rome and Lazio" from imported cases of coronavirus.

The move comes as increasing numbers of Romanian citizens return to Rome, where many of them are employed as carers of the elderly, the category most at risk from covid-19.

Italy recently imposed quarantine measures for people entering Italy after staying in Romania and Bulgaria in the last 14 days.