An Italian court has agreed to the extradition of Osman Hussain also known as Hamdi Issac who is wanted by British police in connection with the failed bomb attacks in London on 21 July.

Hussain, 27, was arrested in Rome on 29 July. Police suspect he is linked to an attempt to blow up an underground train at Shepherds Bush in London..

The Italians are investigating the possibility of a connection between Hussain and a terrorist cell in Italy, where two of the suspects brothers live.

The court approved that he be extradited within 35 days though his Italian lawyer has said she will appeal the decision.

The proceedings are important not only because this is the most significant extradition issue in recent British history, but also because it is seen as a test case for the new European arrest warrant, designed to speed up extraditions within the European Union for offences linked to terrorism. However even if Hussains appeal fails he is unlikely to be in the United Kingdom before the end of September.

Three other men have already been charged in the UK in connection with the failed London attacks.