Three-quarters of Italians suffer from indecisiveness, according to a survey conducted by Riza Psicosomatica and reported by La Repubblica newspaper, with graduate males aged 26-35 who live in the centre-north of the country the most incapable of making up their minds.

Italian men are generally more indecisive than Italian women, the survey found, taking a month on average to decide to change their hairstyle compared to a week for their female counterparts, and 3-12 months to decide who to vote for compared with 2-10 minutes. While women are ready to declare their love for a partner after 1-4 weeks and get married after 2-4 years, it takes men 1-4 months and 3-8 years to make the same decisions respectively.

However, the Italian male is much quicker than the female when it comes to choosing what clothes to put on in the morning (2-5 minutes compared with 15-20), what to cook for dinner (3 minutes compared with 25) and whether to buy a new car (2-6 months compared with 1-3 years).