In Italy, a Naples Christmas crib pays tribute to Måneskin

Damiano from Måneskin stars in a Neapolitan crib.

Naples is renowned for its Christmas crib tradition and each year people look forward to seeing who the "new entries" will be - often figures from the world of politics, sport or entertainment.

This year it is the turn of Damiano David, frontman of Italy's Eurovision-winning rock band Måneksin, to be honoured by the great Neapolitan tradition, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

Damiano's debut in a Naples crib scene comes courtesy of artisan Genny Di Virgilio who has reproduced a painted terracotta figurine of the 22-year-old glam rock star - dressed in a green sequin jumpsuit and heavy eye makeup - using the traditional techniques of the master craftsmen at S. Gregorio Armeno.

Genny Di Virgilio with Damiano David crib figure in Naples

It is the latest honour for the Rome rockers who, after taking the world's music world by storm by opening for the Rolling Stones in Las Vegas, have now conquered one of the most popular Christmas traditions in Italy.

Cover photo ANSA