Hospitalized due to covid, dog waits for him for 2 months

For two months Billy, a half-breed dog a couple of years old, hasn’t seen his owner, hospitalized since November due to a coronavirus infection. For the past months Billy has been standing in front of the door of his house in Dorno, near Pavia, waiting for his owner to come back.

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It's impossible to move him, except in the evening when the grandchildren of Marco Maiolani, 55 years old volunteer of the Civil Protection, manages to convince him to go back in his house.

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The story is reported by Provincia Pavese. In the morning, he comes out again and  and goes back to wait. "I miss him a lot. He's a priceless and irreplaceable company," explains his owner who, after spending a long time at San Matteo Hospital, also in the intensive care unit, has now been transferred to the Maugeri Institute for rehabilitation. "Just a little more patience - he says - and then I'll be back to normal. I can't wait to be able to pet my Billy."

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