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Administered covid vaccines have exceeded 2 million doses in Italy

Over two million doses of vaccines have been administered in Italy. 

According to data from the Commissioner for the emergency, Domenico Arcuri, there are 2,003,543 Italians vaccinated with the first dose, while 659,565 have had both doses.

The former head of the Civil Protection and consultant for the preparation of the Hospital at the Milan Fair, Guido Bertolaso, is already in Lombardy to meet the governor and the new Councillor for Welfare Letizia Moratti, in order to coordinate a phase 2 vaccine plan for the region.

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Via the EU, Italy has received a total of over 1.8 million doses of vaccines, of which 1.4 million have been administered. 

The new tool "trace-vaccines" of the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) has collected this data.  Italy is first in terms of doses distributed, but data from France are missing, and for some areas also from Germany, Finland and others.  The doses distributed in Italy per hundred inhabitants are 3.6 (5.4 in the Netherlands, 6.1 in Denmark, up to 11.8 in Ireland).  2.5% of Italians have had the first dose, 2.6% of Germans, and 11.5% of Irish.

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Over 80 age- group in Lazio has 25 thousand booked

AS of yesterday, there were 25 thousand reservations in Lazio for vaccines over 80- year- olds.  "The goal is to ensure double bookings for all over 80 in Lazio in the next 10 days”, explained the Councillor for Health Alessio D’Amato, “a group of about 500 thousand people: and 'an ambitious challenge because' we talk about very large numbers”.  In total, in Lazio more than 193 thousand doses have been administered (there are already almost 14 thousand doses for those over 80 years old) and more than 71 thousand people who have already received booster shots.

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