The world roller-skating championships will take place at Palalottomatica in the EUR area of Rome from 17-27 November. More than 1,000 competitors from 35 countries are expected to take part. Italians currently hold several of the championship titles including the mens single champion, the womens freestyle and the artistic dance couple, as well as the team title which they have held for 15 years. The sport is very popular in Rome and the province, where there are more than 50 roller-skating associations.

The competition will be divided into two sections the junior competition will take place from 17-20 Nov and the senior from 21-27 November. The official inauguration will take place on 23 November at 21.00.

Tickets will be available at the Palalottamatica box office from 17 November and spectators will be able to choose from a day ticket, an afternoon ticket valid from 13.00 or an evening one valid from 20.30. Tickets will cost from 10-33, except for the inaugural evening when they will cost 25. Season tickets may be bought online, see For information tel. 051727451.