The Go.Card scheme, which enables 18 to 30-year-olds to claim discounts at certain cinemas, theatres, museums and shops in Rome, has been extended to young people who live outside the city and now costs 6. Launched on an experimental basis in February, Go.Cards were sent out free to 380,000 residents of Rome, of whom 25 per cent are reported to have used them. The cards are now available to anyone in the age group and can be bought from Lottomatica offices or via the Go.Card web site, Benefits include: a 2.50 discount at around 40 cinemas in the city on Tuesday nights; an average saving of 4.50 at the theatre; an 18 discount on a day's car hire from Maggiore; a 50 saving on a 90-hour language course with the British Council; and a 10 per cent discount on books from Mondadori. For more information and last-minute offers, see the Go.Card web site.