The Italian football season is drawing to an end in a confused state. The Turin club Juventus, which needs only one point in its match on 14 May to win the Italian championship, is under threat and the entire board of the club has resigned following the news that the three of the most senior members of the board are being investigated for fixing and influencing which referees should be sent to the Juventus games. If the fixing is proved Juventus may be relegated to the second league, Seria B, as punishment and the championship title taken away.

At the same time more than 41 people from some of the most famous clubs in Italian professional football, referees, referee assigners, policemen and one journalist have been informed that they are under investigation by magistrates in Naples and Parma in two separate enquiries, one into illegal gambling on the results of football matches and the second into the operation of a management company, GEA, agent to more than 200 professional football players and coaches. The magistrates suspect the company of illegal competition and the use of threats and violence. GEA is owned by a group of people including the son of Luciano Moggi, the managing director of the Juventus team.