Bridge 11 of the problematic housing estate Laurentino 38 south of the EUR district of Rome was demolished mid-May. People living in precarious conditions of the bridge were moved to a residence on the Via Cristoforo Colombo in EUR.

The demolition is part of a rejuvenation scheme for the run-down estate which will also see bridges 9 and 10 and their flanking structures knocked down in June at a total cost of 3 million. The new project is for a new 6,000 sqm housing development as well as a 44,000 sqm area for nursery school facilities, banks and sports centres.

The housing area was designed as subsidised housing in 1972-3 but has since fallen into disrepute due to problems with violence and squatting. The estate is made up of islands of housing linked by 11 bridges originally designed for shops and offices but in recent years taken over by mainly immigrant families.