Food deliveries in Rome

A list of the best food delivery services.

Rome has become the perfect market for food delivery. Almost everything is available on several food websites or apps, from meal delivery to grocery delivery to beer and wine delivery. 

And please remember to tip what you can. These delivery men and women are essential for our every day life. 

Meal Delivery 


Founded in 2013, Deliveroo is a London-based service, priding itself in taking special care of your food and dining experience. After finding success in Milan, Deliveroo expanded its service to Rome, delivering food from neighborhood trattorias to large chain restaurants. Simply, log on to their website ( or download their app, type in your postal code and peruse through the list of local restaurants that deliver to your area. Delivery fees depend on the size of your order, deliveries over €15 are accompanied by a €2.50 delivery fee. Deliveries under €15 are accompanied with a €2 fee. Deliveroo delivers daily, from 12.00 to 23.30, from some of the best restaurants in Rome: Avocado Bar, Giangusto, La Gourmandise, Maybu and Ramen Bar Akira.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is Uber’s food delivery service. Running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can order breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks from the full menus of local restaurants collaborating with Uber Eats. Similar to ordering a regular Uber, the Uber Eats app allows you to monitor your order in real time. On the app, you can find restaurants like Burger King, Le Mani in Pasta, Maybu, Retrobottega, Rosciolo, Salumeria and Santo Palato.


The online delivery service Cosaporto not only delivers food, but they also deliver wine, flowers and design. Operating in Rome, Milan, Turin and London. Cosaporto carefully selects the best artisanal food and products in the city. On, you can find baked goods, chocolates, tiramisu and gelato, from shops selling the best products. For gelato, Cosaporto has a list of the best gelaterie in Rome: Gelato San Lorenzo, Gunther, La Gourmandise and Otaleg. For chocolates, pastries and baked goods, there are selections from Bompiani, Le Levain and SAID. Cosaporto offers their services daily from 9.00 to 22.00. 


At, customers can order a variety of items that will be brought to their doorstep by Glovo. Operating 24 hours a day for seven days a week, you can order food from local restaurants, trattorias and fast food chains. However, Glovo delivers much more than that. The international company also makes deliveries from grocery stores, like Carrefour and Simply. “Glovers,” the Glovo employees, are also sent to pharmacies and cafés. Using Glovo is fairly simple, download the app or open the website, type in your location and pick from the variety of products that will be delivered from a store near you. You can pay for your order and small delivery fee online. All orders can be submitted for immediate delivery or can be scheduled for a later time. You can keep track of all orders on your Glovo account.

Just Eat 

Based in London, with branches in 13 other countries, Just Eat serves over 100 different types of cuisine. In Italy, the Just Eat menu has six main categories: Chinese, hamburgers, kebabs, Mexican, pizza and sushi. Operating 24 hours a day, orders can be made online at by typing in your postal code. You can also pay for your order online with a debit or credit card or through PayPal. Food orders can also be paid for in person with cash. However, considering the current times, it is probably better to pay online.


Pharmaprime, it's a new company that it doing pharmacy delivery. If you are unable to leave the house they will bring any item from diapers to medicine and they can manage prescriptions. 

Supermarket Delivery


One the best know Italian food chains in the world is usually associated with quality and freshness. You can fill your virtual cart with meat, chees, vegetables, gelato and speciality beers all online. Not cheap but worth it. 


Esselunga is probably the most preferred grocery store for deliveries because they will carry all of your groceries up to the door. This is especially useful if you have ordered heavier products like cases of water or other liquids. After making an account on the Esselunga website, your first delivery will be free of a delivery fee.


Carrefour is another useful way to receive groceries because some Carrefour stores are open 24/7. All orders can be made online with direct delivery to your front door. These orders are accompanied with a small fee.


Beginning in 2008, Zolle is a useful tool, when it comes to finding and buying fresh and local produce. Your desired products are delivered on a daily basis, just sign up on their website and choose your Zolla based on your food habits and preferences. Then, choose how many times a week Zolle should make a delivery. All food is delivered between 12.00 to 20.00. They will then contact you and discuss possible options, like where to get the food and how much the food will cost, etc. 


Online shopping that has a line of organic options. Will deliver fresh fruits and vegetables. The service is available 24H but make sure to book your desired delivery time. They also have a good selection of baby food.  

Mercato Coppelle

Family run, this market is not necesserly the most economic choice but their fresh produce can not be beat. Situated in Piazza delle Coppelle, in-between the Senate and the Parliament, they will deliver to places reachable by byciclette in the area. Fore more information call +39347 714 7865.


Marigold Roma

Marigold Roma has created a food delivery service that runs Thursday through Sunday. On their website, you can find directions for ordering, as well as their food delivery menu, which offers options for lunch, dinner and baked goods.

Porto Fluviale

For all of your pizza needs, call Porto Fluviale at 06 5743199. They will be delivering pizza from 19.00 to 22.30.

Beppe e i Suoi Formaggi  

Beppe e i Suoi Formaggi is offering delivery services for artisanal cheeses and deli products from Monday through Saturday, 10.00 to 18.00. All orders can be made on the phone by calling 06 68192210 or through a private Facebook message.

Olivieri 1882

This international, online food delivery service is offering fast shipping for all of their baked goods. For any practicing Christians, this means that their colomba, traditional Easter cake, can be made and delivered in time for the upcoming holiday. What is especially interesting about Olivieri 1882 is that a small percentage of each sale will be donated to Italian hospitals, in an effort to show support during this time of crisis.

Beer and Wine Delivery 

Trimani Wine Shop

Now offering home delivery, the Trimani Wine Shop is sending wine and beer to your house for 20% off their listed price. This will run through March 31st, only while supplies last. You can place your order online and receive free shipping.

Birra del Borgo 

The Birra del Borgo brewery is offering free shipping on all orders over €50, now through 4 April. You can browse their selection of craft beer and place your order online.

Winelivery App

Winelivery is one of the main drinking apps. It delivers, troughtout taly, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with a a promise to be at your door in less than 30 minutes.

Enoteca Bartolini 

Bernabei is probaly the most well known  distributer of wines and spirits and has developed over the years a franchise of wine bars and wine corners nationwide. Prices range from cheap to exclusive. You can order directly on their webiste. 

Les Vignerons 

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Trastevere, Les Vignerons is shipping natural wine and craft beers directly to your home. All orders are delivered between 12.00 and 18.00 and can be made by over the phone by calling 06 64771439.