Fireworks for Rome's patron saints on 29 June

Festa di SS. Pietro e Paolo marked with fireworks at Piazza del Popolo.

Rome celebrates its patron saints, Peter and Paul, with a public holiday in the capital on Saturday 29 June.

This year the city marks the feast day by opening the gate between the Roman Forum and the Imperial Fora, offering free public access for the day.

There is also the traditional infiorata - the multi-coloured carpet of flower petals - in front of St Peter's throughout 29 June.

Later that evening, at 21.30, the annual Girandola fireworks display lights up the sky at Pincio, over Piazza del Popolo. The idea of Michelangelo, perfected later by Bernini, the 16-minute firework display was first introduced in 1481.

Over the centuries the historic spectacle has inspired writers and artists such as Dickens, Belli and Piranesi.

Before the fireworks there is a regata at 16.00 and a performance by the brass band of the Carabinieri e Sbandieratori at 20.00.

Entry is free. For full details see website.