FBI joins probe into cyber attack on Rome region website

FBI and Europol cooperate with Italian police in Regione Lazio hacking investigation.

The FBI and Europol are assisting Italian police with the investigation into the cyber attack on the website of the Regione Lazio, the region around Rome, which occurred last weekend.

The Lazio governor on Monday said the attack came from abroad and described it as being of a "criminal or terrorist nature."

The hacking has halted bookings for the region's covid vaccination campaign and the website remains down at the time of writing.

The probe involves experts specialised in terrorism and IT crimes, with investigators cross-referencing data to try and identify similar attacks made in Italy or abroad using ransonware.

Regional health councillor Alessio D'Amato assures that the region is in possession of all data relating to the more than seven million covid vaccines administered so far in Lazio.

D'Amato stated on Wednesday that the region hopes to get its vaccination booking system back up and running again "within three days."