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Expo 2030: Rome mayor outlines 'green' bid to transform city

Rome is up against Busan and Riyadh in bid to host Expo 2030.

Rome mayor Roberto Gualtieri said on Thursday that environmental sustainability will be at the heart of Italy's bid to host Expo 2030 in the Eternal City.

If successful, the project would be a chance to "profoundly transform" the Italian capital by improving its flagging public transport infrastructure and urban decor, said Gualtieri.

The mayor made his remarks during a series of meetings to exchange ideas "to create together a unique project of cooperation and development for the city and the entire country", according to organisers who say that seven out of 10 Italians are in favour of Rome's candidature to host Expo 2030.

The talks, held at the Campidoglio and several other key locations around the city, saw the participation of politicans, academics, entrepreneurs and the media.

"It will be a transformation process that is not limited to cosmetic interventions but a profound plan for the city" - said Gualtieri - "We have time, resources, powers and institutional cohesion to make it happen".

Rome's proposed Expo site is in Tor Vergata in the south-eastern outskirts, near one of the capital's main universities, and the pavilions would be re-used after the event.Underlining the focus on sustainability, nature and zero emissions, Gualtieri pledged that it would be a "green" project and "not an Expo of cement".

The mayor also stressed that the capital's bid to host Expo coincides with a "sequence of events and resources, unique and unprecedented", citing the Jubilee 2025 and projects linked to Italy's PNRR funds.

Rome's bid to host Expo 2030 pits the Italian capital against Busan in South Korea and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

A more detailed proposal will be presented in Rome on 7 September and the winning city will be revealed by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) in 2023.

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