Discover the fountains of Rome with new app

Rome introduces Waidy app to help people discover the location and history of the city's fountains, nasoni and aqueducts.

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi has launched Waidy, a new app that highlights the location and history of the city's ubiquitous water fountains.

Developed by Rome's water supplier ACEA, the app was launched on the night of 5 August at one of the city's most majestic fountains, the Fontanone on the Janiculum Hill.

In addition to providing a "digital map," the free app encourages users to avail of the fresh drinking water available from the city's almost 3,000 nasoni, instead of buying plastic bottles, and allows users to report technical faults in real time.

Raggi said the aim of the app is to help Rome residents and tourists discover the city's drinking fountains which provide water that is "always clean, safe, controlled, and accessible."