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Covid-19: Italy's premier Conte signs new emergency decree

Italy's new coronavirus restrictions will be in place until 5 March.

Italian premier Giuseppe Conte has signed into effect Italy's latest emergency decree, with new coronavirus restrictions in force from 16 January until 5 March.

Separately, Italy's health minister Roberto Speranza is due to sign a new ordinance this evening that is expected to place most regions of the country into orange zones - including the Lazio region around Rome.

Here is a look at the main points outlined in the government's new decree:

Regional travel

The government has retained the ban on non-essential travel between all regions of Italy, until at least 15 February. Exceptions to this rule can be made, using the self-declaration form, for urgent or necessary reasons such as work, health or to visit somebody that is alone, in need of help or is not self-sufficient.

White zone

The government has added a new 'white' zone to the existing red, orange and yellow zones in its tiered colour-coded system of restrictions. The fourth zone is designated for regions with the fewest incidences of covid-19 cases, however currently no region qualifies for inclusion in this new category.

Bars and restaurants

The sale of take-away food and drinks after 18.00 is prohibited, however home delivery will be allowed.


High school students, outside red zones, can return to the classroom for 50 per cent of their lessons, with the other half conducted via distance learning. 


Museums and archaeological sites can reopen, Monday to Friday, in yellow and white zones. Museums will limit the number of people visiting at any one time, with visitors obliged to book in advance and adhere to coronavirus restrictions.

Visitors at home

The existing recommendation of receiving a maximum of two non-cohabiting guests in your home remains in place. However this does not apply to children under the age of 14 or to people with disabilities or those who are not self-sufficient.

State of emergency

Italy's covid-19 state of emergency has been extended until 30 April. This mechanism grants authorities special powers to cut through red tape to implement, modify or revoke emergency measures if and when required.


Theatres and cinemas remain closed.


Swimming pools and gyms will not reopen until 5 March at the earliest, while ski resorts remain closed until 15 February.


The nationwide nightly curfew, from 22.00 until 05.00, remains in force.

For official information relating to the covid-19 crisis in Italy see the health ministry website.

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