Covid-19: Are museums in Italy about to reopen?

Government may reopen museums in Italy's yellow zones, Italian media reports.

Museums and archaeological sites in Italy's 'yellow zone' regions could reopen from 16 January, under a new emergency decree, according to reports in the Italian media.

Museums have been closed across Italy since 4 November, as part of the government's measures to combat a second wave of covid-19, however privately-run art galleries have remained open.

Citing leaks from sources close to the government, Italian media reports suggest that the minister of cultural heritage Dario Franceschini has called for the reopening of museums at least in the regions classified as yellow zones under Italy's three-tiered system of covid restrictions.

The reopening of cinemas and theatres is also reportedly under discussion, however this road is paved with difficulty in comparison to museums.

Italy's new package of restrictions, which will come into force on 16 January, is set to be approved later this week.