Coronavirus: Italy considers further lifting of restrictions

Italy discusses lifting of ban on meeting friends and visiting second homes.

 The Italian government is evaluating the possibility of allowing people to go to second homes, provided they are in the same region as their residence, from 18 May, according to news agency ANSA.

Also on the table is the possible lifting of the ban on people visiting friends, which could be eliminated from 18 May. However the government is reportedly divided on the issue, sources told ANSA.

Currently the Phase Two rules state that people are only allowed to meet "congiunti" - relations and "people who are linked by a stable emotional bond" - but not friends.

If the ban is lifted it would mean that friends could meet at bars and restaurants which are permitted to reopen, under strict health guidelines, from 18 May. 

An announcement is expected from the government in the coming days.

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The government recently gave the green light to the reopening of bars and restaurants from 18 May however it will be down to each region to decide whether to open straight away or to stall the reopening process until a later date.

The discussions come as the hardest-hit region Lombardy saw a significant jump in new coronavirus cases, with more than 1,000 confirmed cases recorded in the 24 hours between 11 and 12 May.

This accounted for the majority of Italy’s 1,402 new cases, the highest day-to-day increase in several days.

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