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Coronavirus in Italy: fines of up to €3,000 for violating quarantine rules

Up to five years in prison for those who break compulsory home quarantine after testing positive for Coronavirus.

Italy has announced fines of up to €3,000 for those violating quarantine rules as the number of Coronavirus-related deaths in Italy reaches 6,820, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

Italian premier Giuseppe Conte announced the latest measures in a live-streamed address on 24 March, saying that those found on the streets without a legitimate reason to be out will now face fines of between €400 and €3,000, replacing the previous fine of €206.

The penalty is even harsher for those who have tested positive for Coronavirus and break the outright ban on leaving their house: they face between one and five years in jail on charges of crimes against public health, according to ANSA.

The latest decree also allows regional authorities to introduce tougher rules than the nationwide measures, in coordination with the government, however Conte stressed that Italy's "food supply chain and fuel will always be guaranteed."

The decree sets 31 July as the end of the state of emergency but Conte was quick to assure Italians that they would not be locked up in their houses until that date.

Measures will be decided month by month as the situation evolves, said Conte, adding: "We hope to loosen the grip of the restrictive measures very soon."

The premier stressed: "The more we respect the rules, the sooner we all get out, with a better lifestyle."

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