For the fifth year running, AMA will be setting up ten collection points where you can dispose of your real Christmas trees. With the help of the Corpo Forestale, AMA will put the trees to use in a variety of ways to help offset CO2 emissions: those with roots will be replanted, with some of them destined to environmental education schemes in schools, while those without roots will be sent to the Maccarese compost plant to be mulched into high-quality fertilizer.

Between 7-11 January, residents can take their discarded trees to the following AMA points: Via Campo Boario; Via dei Campi Sportivi, 100; Via Ateneo Salesiano; Ponto Mammolo (Metro B station car park); Via Palmiro Togliattti, 59; Via Laurentina (at crossroads with GRA); Piazza Bottero, 8; Via Domenico Morelli (Acilia); Via Mattia Battistini, 545; Via Cassia km. 19,600 (Olgiata). They will be open Wednesday to Saturday between 07.00-13.00 and 14.00-1.30, Sunday 08.00-13.00.