Romes Bioparco is celebrating the birth of a baby giraffe. The babys mother is one of two female giraffes brought over to Rome in June from a zoo in the Czech Republic to keep Rocco, the Bioparcos resident male giraffe, company. He had been suffering from loneliness for several months after two other female companions who were moved to the Fasano zoo safari park in Puglia. Rocco cannot take any credit for the new arrival, however, as the mother was already pregnant when she arrived in Rome. The Bioparco says that the baby giraffe is doing well and will be named by children visitors to the zoo in due course. Chances to get a look at the baby are limited, however. We will be releasing the giraffe into a reserve in Africa once it has got a bit older, a spokeswoman for the Bioparco said. We dont know exactly when, but for the moment it will stay in Rome with its mother as its still tiny.