The city's safety and order committee has given the go ahead for the installation of videocameras on Rome's most notorious prostitution streets.

Stricter security measures, more street lights, tighter traffic controls and advanced technology videocameras will be installed in Via Salaria, Via Cristoforo Colombo, Via Togliatti, Via Franco Angeli, Via Severini, Via Campigli; Piazza Pascali and Piazza dei Navigatori in a bid to make these streets safer for the public and to try and dissuade prostitutes and their clients from lingering on these roads.

The videocameras will work similarly to the speed cameras and will record the number plates of loitering cars.

Authorities are also concerned with the number of under age girls who are on the streets. It is reported that out of 240 prostitutes interrogated by the police, 150 of them were minors.

"It must be made clear that those who pick up minors are committing a serious offence and we will use all means at our disposal to pursue these offenders," commented the prefect of Rome, Achille Serra.