American student falls off Tiber banks in Rome

Student in critical condition in Rome hospital

An American student is receiving emergency care at Rome's S. Camillo hospital after falling off the parapet over the river Tiber at Lunogtevere dei Vallati in the early hours of 14 January.

The 20-year-old man had been visiting John Cabot University in Trastevere. The student's family has been notified by the university whose president Franco Pavoncello called for prayers for a good outcome for the student.

The incident has drawn comparisons to that of the 21-year-old American who fell to his death from a wall in the same area in June 2013.

Other tragic cases involving foreign students in Rome include another 21-year-old American student who died in a railway tunnel near St Peter's last February and the 19-year-old Australian who was found dead on the banks of the Tiber in 2009 after taking part in an organised pub crawl.

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