Thurs 22 Jan marks the 60th anniversary of the Allied landings at Anzio, when troops arrived at the seaside town south of Rome with the aim of liberating the capital from the Germans. A fatal decision to delay the move north gave the Axis troops time to surround the Allies, leading to five months of bitter conflict during which thousandsof soldiers died.

In nearby Nettuno the anniversary of the landings will be marked on 22 Jan in front of the American Cemetery (Piazzale J. F. Kennedy) with a message from Nettunos mayor at 10.30 and a concert by military bands at 11.30. Two exhibitions one of schoolchildrens drawings on the theme Dallo sbarco alla pace and one entitled Non stato un film will be on display at the Forte Sangallo, and the Museo dello Sbarco will host a special exhibition, all until 24 Jan, 09.30-12.30, 15.00-18.00.

For more information contact Harry Shindler of the British veterans organisation the Italy Star Association, tel. 066384227.

After years of petitioning by the Italy Star Association, Romes city council recently pledged 100,000 for a monument to commemorate the liberation of Rome in 1944. The monument, which is scheduled for completion in time for the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Rome on 4 June, will stand in Piazza S. Marco near Piazza Venezia.