Tarot readings

The tarot is a tool for knowledge and self-awareness. The cards can be traced back to the Italian Renaissance and possibly to ancient Egypt. They represent universal symbols which speak the language of the human soul. The tarot tells the oldest story of humanity through a “hero’s journey” and each card represents a step toward enlightenment.

Beatrice blends her esoteric knowledge of the tarot with her intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and channeling to offer insight into the self, relationships, finances and opportunities for growth and expansion. Her guidance is for people going through their awakening process, the dark night of the soul and karmic/soulmate relationships. 

Throughout the reading you will get answers to your questions and find solutions to situations which may seem blocked. You will feel inspired and uplifted as you proceed on your life journey with a new sense of direction. 

The thorough readings include the use of several oracle and tarot decks by guidance.

General Info

Price info € 60
Email address hello@beatricecarafa.com
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Wanted in Rome
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