23 June-28 July.

In 1963 Lelia Caetani and her husband Hubert Howard founded a chamber music festival in the Castle of Sermoneta in memory of the musician Roffredo Caetani. They invited young musicians from across the globe to come, and participate in a series of workshops and master classes and in the festival itself. Provincial authorities soon acknowledged the importance of the initiative, and took on the responsibility of administrating and organising the increasingly prestigious event. In 1972, the Campus Internazionale di Musica stepped in to become the main promoter of the festival, transforming it into one of the most exciting music realities of the territory. The Castel di Sermoneta remains at the heart of the festival, but nearby historic venues in Fondi, Lenola and Sperlonga are also involved. Over the years the festival has seen the participation of many big names in the music panorama, and it was presided over by composer Goffredo Petrassi until his death in 2003. The initiative represents an important occasion of encounter and exchange for musicians and music scholars. For information Campus

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Address Internazionale di Musica, tel. 0773605551, www.campusmusica.it.

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SERMONETA. Festival Pontino di Musica

Internazionale di Musica, tel. 0773605551, www.campusmusica.it.