"Don’t be good"


"Legend says that Santa Claus does not actually live at the North Pole, is just a beer belly, and a hipster in a red and white pajama; by the way, he loathes children. The story goes that once a year, just before Christmas eve, Santa and his colleagues from all over the world convene a secret razzle-dazzle meeting, where, just for one night they can be whoever they please and put anything out of their minds ..."

Saturday, December 22 @Lanificio 159, with Xmas hits, sexy Santas, crazy sleighs, jingle bells cocktails, Xmas gadget and photo-sighting!

DRESS CODE: Santa Claus, pixies and fairies, Santas, Mariah Carey, mountain clothing, Sexy Lady Santa Claus, Hanukkah, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Fantaghirò, Turkey cock, Grinch, snowman, skiers, Deborah Compagnoni, gingerbread, christmas tree, Scrooge, ghosts from the past, present and future, Reinhold Messner, ice skaer, Christian De Sica, the Nutcracker, snowboarder, Diane Keaton, Nightmare Before Christmas, the three Wise Men, the nativity , Macaulay Culkin EXtc...

SPECIAL XMAS PRICE: 1drink included in 10.00 euro ticket!

Right of way in queuing to those really flamboyant and ExtraVagant (while tickets last) in contrast, those who are not shall POSTMARKED and sent to bed without dinner.


Dj Resident FONT LEROY

(Telehits, GlitterPop, Elettrocharme, Decadance)



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