Collective Actions!

The Cinema America Occupato hosts Collective Actions!, a community film exhibition uniting projects that perform a common function: creating critical and visual culture through film and collaboration. 

Curated by Jerelyn Huber and Jahan Genet, the event pursues dialogue between visual art and cinema partnership, emphasising the connections between Italy and the US, the artists and the public, while underlining the idea of shared and collaborative experiences.

The artist collective "Finishing School’s 54" is an ongoing interdisciplinary project that critiques biennials as a cultural form and explores their complex socioeconomic and political structures. The film echoes questions raised by artists, curators, and writers regarding perennials deployed worldwide. Finishing School seeks to use their film to transform passive audiences into engaged spectators, actors, travellers, activists, viewers, editors, and readers. 

"Finite and Infinite Games" is a collaborative interdisciplinary project melding the contemporary visions of visual artist C. Finley, choreographer Katherine Helen Fisher, fashion designer Gai Mattiolo, and filmmaker R.J. Muna. The film is a celebration of movement captured at the Judson Memorial Church, a spectacular space with an illustrious history of collaborative arts in New York City's Greenwich Village. 

Occupied since November, the Cinema America Occupato is already the home of collective activism. The Collective Actions event extends the spirit of common critical cultural ground initiated by the organisers, highlighting the relationship between languages, medias and thinking processes. 

The screenings begin on Monday 15 April at 18.00 with a ten-minute intermission between each film. The event is free and the proceeds from all refreshments purchased at the cinema’s bar go towards funding the Cinema America Occupato. 18.00-21.00.

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Address Cinema America Occupato, Via Natale del Grande 6.

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Collective Actions!

Cinema America Occupato, Via Natale del Grande 6.