Alvin Curran concert at Cover Art finissage

Composer Alvin Curran performs a concert at the finissage of the exhibition "Cover Art: covers for Wanted in Rome in memory of Edith Schloss" on 19 December. Titled "The Alvin Curran Fake Book", a solo performance with the sounds of everything, the concert begins at 19.00.

The exhibition of works created for the covers of the magazine Wanted in Rome is a tribute to American artist and critic Edith Schloss (1919-2011), on the first anniversary of her death. 

Besides her work as a painter in New York, and in Rome from the 1960s onwards, Edith was a contributor to Art News and the International Herald Tribune. In the 1980s she began to write for Wanted in Rome, the English language magazine of Rome. 

In 1990, Edith started creating covers for Wanted in Rome, and in 2010 she agreed with the magazine’s editor Mary Wilsey to invite other artists to contribute covers inspired by the theme of Rome. The idea was to offer artists of different generations and working in diverse media, an alternative space – the cover of a magazine – to display their work.The covers chosen ranged from drawing and painting to photography and sculpture, and in most cases were expressly made for Wanted in Rome. The success of the initiative convinced Mary Wilsey to ask Edith to curate a second series in 2011. 

The exhibition Cover Art at TRAleVOLTE presents the covers of 23 artists published from 2010-2011 and the original works from which they were taken. The show includes the covers Edith realised for the magazine between 1990 and 2011 (and their alternative versions), as well as two albums of her sketches. Curated by Wanted in Rome, the exhibition is accompanied by an introductory text by the artist Antonio Capaccio, and is organised by Silvia Stucky. 

Until Wednesday 19 December 2012 | Monday-Friday, 17.00-20.00

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Address Associazione Culturale TRAleVOLTE, Piazza di Porta S. Giovanni 10, tel. 0670491663.

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Alvin Curran concert at Cover Art finissage

Associazione Culturale TRAleVOLTE, Piazza di Porta S. Giovanni 10, tel. 0670491663.