What kind of mask you need and when must they be worn in Italy

What kind of mask you need and when must they be worn in Italy

Verification on the elimination of mandatory mask wearing in Italy is scheduled to be released in last ten days of April. They could be eliminated in stores, but not at the cinema in May.

Until 30 April, surgical masks are required indoors on all premises except for private homes. They are also needed outdoors in case of gatherings. In clubs you can take them off when you’re on the dance floor, but entering and exiting and at the bar you must wear a mask . In some cases it is mandatory to have an Ffp2, a high grade “filtering facepiece” similar to the N95 respirator masks sold in the US. 

Where is the Ffp2 mask mandatory?

On planes, ships and ferries for interregional transport, interregional trains, Intercity and High Speed trains, buses connecting more than two regions or used for rental services with drivers, local or regional public transport, on cable cars, gondolas and chairlifts.

The higher grade masks are also required for performances in theaters, concert halls, cinemas and live music venues, for sporting events and competitions.

What will happen after 20 April?

Italy says farewell to Green Pass vaccination card checks on 1 May.  Will the required use of masks also be dropped? 

Among the hypotheses is that of eliminating them in stores and supermarkets. However, they might remain for the movies, theaters, concert halls and on the means of transport.  It is possible, however, that the Ffp2 may not be mandatory.  The undersecretary of health Andrea Costa explained that they are evaluating the places where it would be appropriate to extend the use of masks indoors, such as on public transport.

The Ministries of Labor, Health and Economic Development have established that, even if the state of emergency ended on 31 March, the rules of the protocol of 2020 remain valid for presence in offices and factories. It is obligatory to wear a mask in schools until the end of the school year.Photo credit: MikeDotta / Shutterstock.com