Enough of loud television ads. This is the message from communications minister Paolo Gentiloni on reports that sound levels soar by 83 per cent during advertising broadcasts on three Italian TV channels - state-owned Rai, Silvio Berlusconis Canale 5 and independent broadcaster la7.

According to a survey conducted by Iscom, Italys communication and technology data institute, the most frequent violations occur between 8.30-10.30 and prime time 20.30-22.30 broadcasting slots. Iscom confirms that volume level of ads on these stations are 51 per cent higher than the programmes they interrupt.

Although this practice is expressly forbidden by Italian law, the countrys communications authority will enforce stricter monitoring measures and will fine guilty broadcasters from September.

Gentiloni states, As well as being illegal, it is arrogant to treat viewers this way.

Italian TV viewers are also fed up with the amount of adverts that are crammed into Rai programmes for which they are obliged to pay annual subscription fees.

The unpopular tax has a history of being evaded by many viewers despite constant attempts to get them to pay up.

Last week Gentiloni gave his support to an initiative aimed at ensuring viewers pay the RAI subscription fee.

Checks on suspected evaders will also commence in September. Evaders face hefty fines and court proceedings.